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STINGHER-special chillum

STINGHER The  Chillums 3.0.... it is the answer to the evolving market

His minimum thickness reduced to the essential make this creation unique,  your smoking session will be clean, a full-bodied experience, fresh and free of humidity. We create every Stingher by different techniques, and shapes:

• 1 rd ceramic firing

• Bucchero with or without fine silver rings

•2 rd ceramic firing . Glazed Due to the long and extremely delicate work that stays behind the creation of every Stingher Chillum that make it a unique piece, his process is not reaching the annual production that we offer with all our products.

• 3 rd ceramic firing

Every Stingher will be packed into a special wooden box, 2 hexagonal stones, stick, saffi and 2 ceramic filters included 

STINGHER-special chillum

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