In order to manage our site we are using Prestashop platform that uses cookies necessary for its operation to provide a service necessary to the user ** and we have added the social network buttons The General Data Protection Regulation states that the user's consent must be collected before placing cookies in the browser. However, some types of cookies ** are strictly required to provide a service necessary to the user and are exempted from these prerequisites: - Cookie cart for an online store - Access cookies - Authentication cookies - Session cookies created by a media player - Loading of balancing cookies - Analysis cookies for audience analysis - Customization of user interface cookies (for example by language or display) If you want to know more about these services or about the cookies using these services, you can refer to the information on this page.

Below is a list of the cookies used on this site, which you can delete in your browser settings at any time:


PHPSESSID        session


PrestaShop-2cb4df545056b9dc10b88f6c3898c23a      20 days

PrestaShop-4b9151ee08721853461d971750a7dfd2        20 days

_ga          google analytics                  145 days

_gid           google analitic                  36 h

is_contributor               session 

password_addons         session

username_addons        seesion


instagram cookies

In this website we use the widgets for interaction with social networks Facebook, Instagram and twitter, including the button (button) "Like" provided by them

privacy information for these services are contained in the related pages

How to remove cookies using the browser

To remove cookies you can use the browser settings you are using to surf the net. Below are the links to the documentation for the cancellation of the most popular and widespread browsers


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